Emergency and Special Purpose Vehicles Sales & Service
We are the leading suppliers of Ambulances and Fire Fighting Vehicles to the State of Qatar.
Our clients include Government & Private Hospitals, Civil Defense, Airports & Petrochemical Industries.
A specialized Blood mobile unit designed and custom-crafted for mobile community outreach programs.   Heavy duty large work platforms to handle bulky loads with reduced physical effort
State-of-the-art Ambulances with the latest equipments designed to respond immediately and effectively to emergency situations   4WD Ambulances specially built for Sea-side and Off-road rescue operations
High quality technically advanced NBCR equipment to provide optimal protection against nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical incidents.   Heavy Duty Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicles designed to handle situations and accidents arising out of fire and rescue incidents, suitably equipped and tailor-made for automated fire-fighting & rescue applications.
Rescue Vehicles primarily designed for technical rescue situations such as auto accidents, rescues, swift water rescues, or building collapses. They carry an array of special equipment.   Aircraft Recovery Equipment & Solutions for the Aviation Industry providing creative recovery solutions to aviation accidents or incidents for all types of commercial or private, civilian or military Aircrafts.
Mobile Twin Agent Fire Fighting Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry.   Airport Crash Tenders for firefighting and rescue at International Airports
Runway Sweepers and other Airport Ground Handling Equipment   Sewerage Cleaning Vehicles & Cesspit Vaccum Tankers for Municipal Applications
Sewerage CCTV Inspection Van for Municipal Applications   Bulk Cement Carriers for the Cement Manufacturing Industry
Mobile Stainless steel tank container designed to transport hazardous, semi-hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.   Bulk transfer containers used for hauling loads and waste, such as solid waste, construction debris, recyclables, etc.
Chemical tankers developed to transport and apply a wide range of different chemicals in a safe environment.   HYTRANS MOBILE ENDLESS WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM